DEC 31 2004:

After a year of not having updates, we finally added new pictures.  Ron will type out an actual update soon (6-8 weeks).  My idea was to just change the year to 2005 and leave the same stuff that we had.  Ron agreed, Lynette had a "fit".



Jan 24, 2004  Happy New Year...  Well, the first update since Dec 26. I'm a little late on my 2 week update but, it should get better.  Since Christmas, New Years was very quiet.  With Zach home we used my Christmas present , poker chip set to have some good Texas Hold'em poker nights.  This may be our last Christmas when we are altogether.  After Garrett graduates he goes to AIT, then probably off to Iraq.  Whitney has started to drive her car to school.  Now she needs a job to pay for it.  I went to Wichita Jan. 23 for surgery on my right foot.  Similar to what I had in Aug.  Things went well.  Lynette busy with her job and things at home. T J doing well in college and still working 40-5- hrs. a week as a manager at Wendy's. He took a cruise for a week and has his discovered his future vacation mode.I will be laid up for 2 weeks so I expect to catch up on e-mail  Mike sent some pictures hope to get them on later today.  Debbie and Doug are in their new home in Branson on the lake. I hope to see it soon. 

 Dec 26,2003 Just went through the procedure to access the web site to add new text, so far so good.  More Later.

Dec 26,2003  Hard to believe the reunion is over and this is the first update since June.  Since the July 4th Reunion I had surgery on my left foot, had some problems but all is fine now.  We went to San Francisco and surrounding area for grape harvest.  Tow weeks later to West Point New York for parents week-end.  The month of Nov. was quiet and Turkey Day was great.  We went to Vegas Dec. 7 for a week, Lynette had a convention so it was a partial write off.  Had a blast.  My New Years resolution is to update this page at least twice a month.  More later

June 23  We finally received Garrett's mailing address for Basic Training.  Please send him letters and pictures!  

"Pvt Pfannenstiel Garrett
A Co 3-13th Inf Regiment
3rd PLT Rangers
Ft. Jackson SC 29207

June 13  We have news to share about the upcoming reunion.  After visiting with Murph and Jane they are asking for you to bring any excess photos to trade or exchange.  They will be laid out on a table for each or you to pick over. You may leave extras of your's to be selected by others.  We also heard from Garrett. He is in South Carolina for Basic Training.  We will post an address if you care to send him a note.  Please do not send anything other than a letter or card.  We sent Zach a care package last year to Ft. Leonardwood and he was doing push-ups for weeks.  We hope to see him (Garrett) graduate in August.  


June 13 I am updating the page myself and hope to add something each week.  I would love to post more items, but you have to send them to me.  At the reunion, the cookbooks will sell for $6.00 the cost of having them made.  Any profit will go the next reunion fund.  We will also have a frozen margarita and pina colada machine.  This is for those who want something other than beer.  We think a donation of $.50 will cover the cost We also could use some prizes for our Casino Hour.  For example get a donation from those you do business with ie. a pizza certificate, gas coupon promotional items etc.  An item ranging from $5.00 to $10.00 would be terriffic.


Lastly Zach heads for New York in two weeks to attend West Point.  To say we are proud would be an understatement.

Please, Please Please send items to post especially photos.  Tell others about the web site.


Everybody can send pictures and we'll post them right away!

Leon Staab sent some pictures and I finally got them posted.  You can look at them here or on the link below.

The cookbooks have been ordered and will be available for purchase at the reunion.  The cost will be posted after delivery from the publisher.

-Zach Pfannenstiel zach@pfannenstielfamily.com

-Ron Pfannenstiel ron@pfannenstielfamily.com











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